Feel the luxury of time with your provider: with long appointments to feel heard and have your questions answered.  Initial visits are 90 min and follow up visits are one hour or shorter depending on your individual needs.  Pricing is dependent on the service.  Typically for GYN services, the initial visit is $275 which includes a beautiful locally handmade journal for taking notes, with follow up visits being $35-$175, plus the cost of labs if needed.  I do not charge insurance for visits, but can charge insurance for lab work.  I encourage you to call your insurance company to ask which laboratories are in-network, and if they will reimburse you for out-of-network care.  I will provide you with a receipt with ICD/CPT codes upon request.

Holistic Gynecology and Womxn’s Health for ALL ages:

Pharmaceutical, herbal, nutritional, and mind/body approaches

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New patient visit (90-minutes) $275

New patient package: initial visit (90-minutes) + 2 follow-up sessions (45-minutes each) Or 1 follow-up and 1 myofascial release session: $425

Annual exam (1 hour): $160  + the cost of any labs and processing fee

1 hour visit for established patients: $160 + the cost of any labs and processing fee

45 minute visit: $120 + the cost of any labs and processing fee

Womb massage and myofascial release ($85/hour, no new patient visit needed)

New!! Teen visit: 45 min visit for teens to educate, empower, and prescribe birth control if needed: $150

Primary Care

Full spectrum lab testing, including but not limited to: heavy metals testing, nutritional testing, hormones, stool (parasites, yeast and bacterial overgrowth), SIBO, mold, thyroid, and the basics like CBC, cholesterol, diabetes, etc!

Help trouble-shooting cholesterol or blood pressure issues

Integrative thyroid care

Family planning, including IUD and Nexplanon removal

Covid antibody testing (IgG and IgM) with 1 day turnaround through Dunwoody Labs in Atlanta

Pregnancy Care

Holistic prenatal care: optimize your pregnancy visits to supplement the traditional care you are receiving 

Optimize your pregnancy visits

Breastfeeding support and care

Birth care for a limited number of clients per year

Early parenting support

Holistic newborn care

nipple thrush, holistic parenting, breastfeeding, newborn

Prenatal yoga

Private classes that fit your schedule at $75/75 min at my space or virtually Or $100 in your own home or office

prenatal yoga

Current class series: Tuesdays mornings at Nourish Healing Collective (Cancelled indefinitely for Covid-19 precaution)

Distance work/telemedicine

holistic gyn tele virtual

Education and Events:

I also offer modern sex-ed and coming of age classes for small groups, as well Red Tent party planning

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