Feel the luxury of time with your provider: with long appointments to feel heard and have your questions answered.  Initial visits are 60-90 min and follow up visits are one hour, or shorter, depending on your individual needs.  Pricing is dependent on the service.  Typically for GYN services, the initial visit is $250-350 which includes a beautiful locally handmade journal for taking notes.  Follow up visits are $200/hour and are prorated based on time needed.  Labs are an additional cost if you do not have insurance.  I do not charge insurance for visits, but can charge insurance for lab work.  I encourage you to call your insurance company to ask which laboratories are in-network, and if they will reimburse you for out-of-network care.  I will provide you with a receipt with ICD/CPT codes upon request.

Holistic Gynecology and Womxn’s Health for ALL ages:

Pharmaceutical, herbal, nutritional, and mind/body approaches

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New patient visit (90-minutes) $250-350

Annual exam (1 hour): $200 + the cost of any labs and processing fee

1 hour visit for established patients: $200 + the cost of any labs and processing fee

45 minute visit: $150 + the cost of any labs and processing fee

Womb massage and myofascial release ($85/hour, no new patient visit needed)

New!! Teen visit: 45 min visit for teens to educate, empower, and prescribe birth control if needed: $150 (labs and rx add cost)

Primary Care

Full spectrum lab testing, including but not limited to: heavy metals testing, nutritional testing, hormones, stool (parasites, yeast and bacterial overgrowth), SIBO, mold, thyroid, and the basics like CBC, cholesterol, diabetes, etc!

Help trouble-shooting cholesterol or blood pressure issues

Integrative thyroid care

Family planning, including IUD and Nexplanon removal

Covid antibody testing (IgG and IgM) with 1 day turnaround through Dunwoody Labs in Atlanta

Pregnancy Care

Holistic prenatal care: optimize your pregnancy visits to supplement the traditional care you are receiving 

Optimize your pregnancy visits

Breastfeeding support and care

Birth care for a limited number of clients per year

Early parenting support

Holistic newborn care

prenatal yoga

Current class series: Tuesdays mornings at Nourish Healing Collective (Cancelled indefinitely for Covid-19 precaution)

Distance work/telemedicine

New patient visit 60 min: $200*

Established patient: prorated at a $150/hour rate, with a minimum of $75

*additional cost for labs or Rx orders




Education and Events:

I also offer modern sex-ed and coming of age classes for small groups, as well Red Tent party planning

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