Holistic Gynecology

Midwives do much more than birth care. My specialty is holistic GYN and Women’s health: trouble shooting chronic and acute vaginal problems with both pharmaceutical options and nutritional, lifestyle, herbal, whole-body strategies. I commonly see women for hormonal imbalance (menopause, thyroid, etc), vaginal infections, or simple preventive care: paps and breast exams, with much more time and attention spent than with a typical OBGYN.  My initial visit with a client is 90 minutes!  Compare that to the typical 10 minutes a typical GYN experience usually offers with a provider.  Let me help you optimize your whole body health. Learn More

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Prenatal and postpartum care

Holistic prenatal, birth, and postpartum care.  I see women during their pregnancy for pregnancy optimization visits, planning for childbirth and motherhood, and doing alternative screening tests.  As well: I take a limited number of home birth clients per year.

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Yoga: Private and group classes

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