Work With Me!

Feel the luxury of time with your provider: with long appointments to feel heard and have your questions answered. Initial visits are 60-90 min and follow up visits are one hour, or shorter, depending on your individual needs.

Initial visits are 45 to 90 minutes and follow-up visits are typically 20-60 minutes depending on your individual needs.


Virtual Visit

New client: $375 for 60-75 minutes with one email follow-up.

Established client: $250 per hour, prorated with $85 minimum charge.

Miscarriage management: 30min visit with Rx or herbal guidance with a 30min follow up visit and text support in between. Follow up ultrasound order as well, if desired. $375

Just a Chat: Need a 2nd opinion, help planning for your birth, a debrief, or just have some questions? This consult option is for both midwives and consumers. I won’t make a chart for you, order labs nor ultrasound nor rx, this is just an opportunity to ask me anything and get my advice on almost anything pregnancy, birth, baby or postpartum related. $250/hr

In-Person Visit

New client in-person/virtual combo: $500 for 90min.

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