I have worked in a few different clinics and have compiled what I believe to be are the best functional medicine tests.  I have researched and sat down with different experts in the fields, and that is why I use different brands for different tests.  I want to  get the Best information to direct your care toward full vitality!. Most of these tests are covered to some degree by insurance, with the exception of the mold and mycotoxin testing. I do not make money directly on the tests and all costs are paid directly to the lab by you, except for a small processing fee for the more complex tests that involve more effort on my part. The most popular tests I offer are here, but are not limited to:

The Dunwoody Complete Food allergy test (IgG, IGE, CD3, IGG4, & complement)

NutraEval by Genova

SIBO testing from Genova

DUTCH hormone testing

Great Plains urine mycotoxin testing, as well as testing for environmental toxicity, BPAs, and other chemicals

RealTime Labs Environmental mold And urine mycotoxin testing

Comprehensive Stool testing by Diagnostic Solutions GI-MAP

Anora POC miscarriage testing

Horizon Carrier testing for genetic abnormalities


mold mycotoxin test